Bio 100

  1. Independent variable
    • the variable that is changed, varied or manipulated.
    • Always on x-axis
  2. Dependent Variable
    • the response that is measured
    • always on y-axis.
  3. Identifying depende or independet variable
    • something depends on something
    • ex. number of parking spots depends on the time of day.
    • # of parking spots - dependent variable
    • time of day - independent variable
  4. Hypothesis
    • tentative, testable explanation for an observed phenomenon "educated guess".
    • Provide any information used to maked the "educated guess"
  5. Scientific method
    • System of answering questions
    • observation
    • question
    • hypothesis
    • experimentation
    • Conclusion (accept or reject the hypothesis)
  6. Discontinuous data
    • data that can be counted using whole numbers or data that fist into a sicrete category
    • ex. class size, type of paper towel
  7. Continuous data
    • can have an infinite number of decimals and fractions.
    • ex. temprature, weight, height.
  8. control group
    does not receive any treatment
  9. experimental group
    receives some type of treatment
  10. How to make a testable question?
    • what is the effect _____on_____?
    • ex. what is the effect of water on plant growth?
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