chapter 8 from the book the american vision

  1. Who was David Wilmot?
    was a representative of 1840s
  2. What did the Wilmot Provio try to do?
    tryed to sneek in a bill that proposed that in any territory that the us gained from mexico neither slavery nor involuntary servitude ever existed
  3. Who made up the idea of popular sovereignty?
    Lewis Cass
  4. what was popular sovereignty?
    citizens of eachnew territory should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they wanted to permit slavery
  5. Who did the Whig Party chose for President in 1848/
    Zachary Taylor
  6. Who ran for the Democrats?
    Lewis Cass
  7. What did the Free Soil Party believe in? Who did they pick?
    took strong position against Slavory in the territories and backed the willam Provios
  8. Why was Califronia already ready to become a new state in 1850/
    Gold Rush
  9. Where did talk of secession come from?
    from the south
  10. Who was the "Great Compromiser?"
    Henery Clay
  11. What did Clay's lst compromise say about California?
    thay could buy slaves but could not sell them or buy them in public
  12. What did it say about fugitive slaves?
    slave owners had to be helped find their slaves the people who wouldnt went to jail
  13. What did John C. Calhoun say about the compromise?
    did not think that Clays compromise would save the union
  14. How did Daniel Webster feel about it?
    Suported Henry Clay
  15. What happened to Taylor in 1850? Who became president?
    He died ..... Miller Fillmore
  16. what did Fillmore do about the Compromise of 1850?
    gave a speach
  17. What organization tried to help runaway slaves escape?
    The Underground Railroad
  18. Name 3 famous conductors on the Underground Railroad.
    • Levi Coffin
    • Isaac Brandt
    • Harte Tubman
  19. Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
  20. What was it about?
    Wat she had learned in Ohio and on antislavory materials
  21. What did the US need to connect the East and West?
  22. Where did Senator Stephen Douglas of Illinois want the railroad to go?
  23. What law did Douglas propose in 1854?
    Kansas Nebraska Act
  24. Where did Northeners and Southerners fight over slavery in 1856?
  25. What was the New Engaland Emigrant Aid Society?
    a group that went to a diffrent state to vote for no slavery in kansas
  26. Who were the "border ruffians?"
    Proslavery people that went to kansas
  27. How many died in "Bleeding Kansas?"
    IDK Borders and New Englands fought though
  28. What happen to Sen, Charles Sumner in May of 11856?Why?
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