1. The right or authority of a justice agency to act in regard to a particular subject matter, territory, or person.
  2. A private self-help protection system in early medieval England, in which a group of 10 families agreed to follow the law, keep the peace in their areas, and bring law violators to justice.
    Tithing System
  3. What a hundred?
    10 tithings grouped together
  4. The vast majority of American law enforcement is...
  5. According to Sir Robert Peel, the main function of the police was to...
    prevent crime
  6. The earliest form of law enforcement in the South was in the form of ...
    slave patrols
  7. What principles did August Vollmer advocate for professionalizing the police force?
    training; politics should stay out; education
  8. Where is FLETC located?
    Glenn County, GA
  9. What is currently top priority of the FBI?
    intelligence and counterterrorism
  10. A model of state law enforcement services in which the agency and its officers have the same law enforcement powers as local police, anywhere in the state.
    state police model
  11. A system of protection in early England in which citizens, under the direction of a constable, or chief peacekeeper, were required to guard the city and to pursue criminals.
    constable-watch system
  12. A contemporary approach to policing that actively involves the community in a working partnership to control and reduce crime.
    community policing
  13. List four categories of local police duties:
    • law enforcement
    • order maintenance or peacekeeping
    • service
    • information gathering
  14. What does PEPPAS stand for?
    • protect
    • enforce
    • prevent
    • preserve
    • arrest
    • serve
  15. A model of state law enforcement services in which officers focus on highway traffic safety, enforcement of the state's traffic laws, and the investigation of accidents on the state's roads, highways, and property.
    highway patrol model
  16. Protective services that a private security firm provides to people, agencies, and companies that do not employ their own security personnel or that need extra protection.
    contract security
  17. In-house protective services that a security staff provides for the entity that employs it.
    proprietary security
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