What I need to study

  1. Define " Latent period"
    The time between exposure and symptoms
  2. What is a "Latent Image" ?
    an image stored on an exposed film, that doesn't show until it is processed or developed.
  3. What is the purpose of the aluminum filter?
    To eliminate soft, weak, xrays
  4. When the machine it turned on,what heats up, and produces the electrons?
    Filament or coil.
  5. Operation of the xray head
    Activator button turned on (mA)
  6. List 4 processes occlusal films may show.
    Cysts, stones, fractures, supernumerary
  7. What is the actual xray film composed of?
    Flexible, thin, polyester plastic
  8. What is the emulsion composed of?
    Sliver halide crystals, in a gelatin base.
  9. What are halides compounds of?
    Chlorine, bromine, and Iodine.
  10. What does the film packet have on the outside of it?
    A sealed plastic wrap

    To protect the flim from moisture and light
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