1. In 1893 Frederick Jackson Turner made an Address at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago - True or False?
  2. At the Exposition in Chicago he affected the historical interpretation of the settling of the American West.
    • True.
    • West was producing "new" men. It made them more cooperative and creative.
    • It was considered a "safety valve" for discontented/maladjusted folks.
  3. In 1890, the frontier was declared what? Was it closed or open?
    Declared closed and Americans embarked on a course that included assimilation of certain groups and discrimination against others....
  4. Claiming and managing land
    • April 25, 1889
    • More than 60,000 settlers poured onto land that President Benjamin Harrison had opened in IndianTerritory, now the present state of Oklahoma. What did congress do? Read the next card.
  5. What did congress do? Established the Territory of Oklahoma in 1890, and 1893 more land was opened to white settlement.
    • People who rushed in early to claim the Cherokee Outlet gave the state of Oklahoma its nickname, the "sooner" State. ;)
    • Enjoy.
  6. What were some other things that happened during the "claiming and management of land"?
    • land courts were established
    • Dept of Agriculture helped farmers
    • Weather bureau helped farmers
    • Forest reserves
    • There are a couple of names and other points.... refer to the handout for more info! :) Good luck.
  7. The Tyranny of Racial Categories
    There began a period where people were classifying each other's races.
    Women had a lighter brain therefore she was considered not as smart... etc...
    White supremacy began in the south
    • Jim Crow laws
    • disfranchisement of African Americans
    • 1896 - Plessy vs. Ferguson approved segregated facilities with the provision that they were "equal"
  8. More than a 100 people were being lynched.... mostly black.
    Ida B. Wells - great antilynching crusader
    • New roles for schools
    • The pledge of allegiance was introduced. 1890
    • Civilize and educate indians and blacks
  9. The Search for Domestic Political Alliances
    • The populist party
    • women groups
    • Began to work together to work on common goals.
  10. Class Conflict
    • Carnegie Steel Workers
    • Monongahela River
    • 10 deaths, 60 wounded, mob rule
  11. 1894 - Strike against Pullman Palace Car Company
    • Ran by Eugene V. Debs.
    • Was jailed for six months
    • He became head of the Socialist Party of America
  12. Populist Party
    • emerged from the Farmer's Alliances of the 1870's and 80's.
    • James B. Weaver - President
  13. Rise and Demise of the Populists
    William Bryan Jennings
  14. Barriers to a U.S. Workers' Political Movement
    Unions had a difficult time gaining members..... the segregation...
    And americans didnt' really go for the unions at first..... they wanted to own there own business.
    • Challenges to additional Roles -
    • National Woman Suffrage Association and American Woman Suffrage Association merged to form the National-American Woman Suffrage Associaton.
  15. American Imperialism -
    The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations.
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