Embryo 1b

  1. Superficial (central) Implantation
    embryonic sac lies in the uterine lumen or cavity
  2. Eccentric Implantation
    Embryonic sac lies in a fold or pocket of the uterin wall
  3. Interstitial implantation
    embryonic sac penetrates and is embedded into the uterine wall
  4. Histotrophic Nutrition-
    Nutrition from secretion of uterine gland
  5. Hemotrophic Nutrition-
    Nutrition frm maternal circulation
  6. Placeta-
    Composite structure formed btw fetal membranes and maternal tissue for the purpose of physiological exchange
  7. Classification of placenta is based on (5):
    • Fetal membranes involved
    • Shape of placenta
    • Branching of chorionic villi
    • Loss of maternal Tissue at parturition
    • Histological Layers
  8. choriavitelline placetationis is the combination of...
    yolk sac and chorion
  9. diffuse placetation
    chorionic villi uniformly distributed over sac
  10. Cotyledonary
    tufts of chorionic villi attach to endometrial caruncles -> PLACETOME
  11. Zonary
    chorionic villi form a band around sac
  12. Discoidal
    Chorionic villi form 1-2 discoid shaped areas
  13. Villous branching
    simple branching of chorionic villi
  14. Labyrinthine branching
    complicated/anastomotic branching of villi
  15. nondeciduate loss of tissue at parturition
    little loss of maternal tissue
  16. deciduate loss of tissue at parturition
    extensiv loss of maternal tissue d/t complicated interlocking of fetal/maternal tissue
  17. Epitheliochorial
    Chorionic epithelium in contact with unterine epithelium (6 layers)
  18. Syndesmochorial
    Chorionic Epithelium is in contact with unterine CT (5 layers)
  19. Endothelialchorial
    Chorionic Epithelium is in contact with endothelium of uterine BV (4 layers)
  20. Hemochorial
    Chorionic Epithelium is in contact with uterine blood (3 layers)
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