Chemistry: (1) Density and Metric

  1. Matter
    • Takes up space
    • Has mass
  2. Mass
    Amount of matter in an object
  3. How is mass measured?
    With a balance and in grams
  4. Volume
    The space an object takes up.
  5. How do you find the volume of a regular solid?
    Use the formulas:

    • length*width*height for rectangles
    • pi*r2h for cylindars
  6. How do you find the volume of an irregular solid?
    Use liquid displacement
  7. Density
    The characteristic property used to identify substances. Less dense objects float on more dense ones.
  8. What is the equation for density?
    • D= M
    • V
  9. What are the 6 main parts of a balance?
    Image Upload 2
  10. What is one way to remember how to convert metrics?
    Kids Have Dropped Over Dead Converting Metrics
  11. If the conversion goes from big to small, you move the decimal to the...
  12. If the conversion goes from small to big, you move the decimal to the...
  13. There are two logs floating in the water, both made of the same wood. One is bigger, however. Which ine of the logs is more beneath the water. Or are they equal? Explain.
    The logs are equal because a greater mass doesn't equal a greater density.
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