Advanced Algebra 2 vocab

  1. Rational numbers
    Numbers that can be written as a fraction. As a decimal, numbers terminate/repeat.
  2. Closure Property
    • a+b is a real number
    • ab is a real number
  3. Communtative Property
    • a+b= b+a
    • ab=ba
  4. Associative Property
    • (a+b)+c=a+(b+c)
    • (ab)c=a(bc)
  5. Property of Identity
    • a+0=a
    • a*1=a
  6. Inverse Property
    • a+(-a)=0
    • a*1/a=a IF a doesn't equal 0.
  7. Distributive Property
    a(b+c)=ab=ac ab+ac=a(b+c)
  8. Algebraic Expression
    An expression involving variables.
  9. Value of a variable
    A number used to replace a variable
  10. Mathematical Model
    An expression that represents a real life model.
  11. Compound Inequality
    Two simple inequalities joined by "and" or "or".
  12. Absolute Value
    The distance from 0 to a number on a number line.
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