1. Buenas noches
    Good evening; good night
  2. Buenas tardes
    Good afternoon
  3. Hasta la vista
    See you later
  4. Hasta pronto
    See you soon
  5. Hasta manana
    See you tomorrow
  6. Como estas?
    How are you?
  7. No muy bien
    Not very well
  8. Que pasa?
    What's happening? What's going on?
  9. Nada.
  10. Como se llama usted?
    What's your name? (formal)
  11. Como te llamas tu?
    What's your name? (informal)
  12. Le presento a...
    I would like to introduce ((name)) to you. (formal)
  13. Te presento a...
    I would like to introduce ((name)) to you. (informal)
  14. Este es...
    This is... (masculine)
  15. Esta es...
    This is... (feminine)
  16. Por favor.
  17. De nada; No hay de que.
    You're welcome.
  18. Lo siento
    I'm sorry.
  19. Muchas gracias
    Thank you very much; thanks a lot.
  20. Quien es...?
    Who is...?
  21. Aqui... Soy yo
    Here... That's me.
  22. Tu eres..., verdad?/no?
    You are..., right?/no?
  23. Oye/Oiga(n), que hora es?
    Hey, what time is it?
  24. Es la una./Son las dos.
    It's one o' clock./It's two o' clock.
  25. Son las diez y tres minutos.
    It's 10:03
  26. Con permiso.
    Pardon me; excuse me (to request permission)
  27. Perdon.
    Pardon me; excuse me. (to get someone's attention or to ask forgiveness.
  28. Todos a bordo!
    All aboard!
  29. Buen viaje!
    Have a good trip!
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