Dental Materials

  1. I am...
    a new cementation system
    self-curing or light-curing systems.
    Glass ionomer cement
  2. What "classes" could glass ionomer type two be used in?
    Class 3 & Class 5--permanent restorations
  3. Explain Type Two Glass Ionomer.
    It is coarser & supplied in a variety of shades to match tooth color
  4. True or false

    Glass Ionomer type 1 may be used for pit & fissure sealants.
  5. Explain Type One Glass Ionomer.
    -finer grain

    • Used for permanent cementation of crowns & bridges
    • Also, orthodontic bonding
  6. I am a type of Glass Ionomer.
    I am used as a liner & dentin bonding agent.
    Glass Ionomer Type 3
  7. Type of Glass Ionomer
    used for crown and core buildups
    Glass Ionomer Type 4
  8. How does Glass Ionomer bond to tooth structures?
    • mechanically
    • chemically
  9. Glass Ionomer cement is strong enough to be a __________ _____________.
    supportive base
  10. What is glass ionomer powder made with?
    • It is a silicate glass powder:
    • *calcium
    • *aluminum
    • *fluoride
    • (calcium fluoroaluminosilicate glass)
  11. Explain the liquid used for glass ionomer.
    It's an aqueous solution of polyacrylic acid
  12. Zinc phosphate is similar to _____________ ________ in strength.
    Glass ionomer
  13. What is Glass Ionomer's mixing time?
    30-60 seconds
  14. ______ _______ liquid is easier to dispense & spatulate.

    Glass Ionomer

    It's not as viscous
  15. What is Glass Ionomer's setting time?
    app. 5 minutes
  16. What is the benefit of using a glass slab for Glass Ionomer while mixing?
    To retard working and/or setting time.
  17. What can you mix Glass Ionomer on?
    • Paper mixing pad
    • OR
    • Cool glass slab
  18. Name some benefits of Glass Ionomer.
    -releases fluoride

    *Powder & Liquid

    What is the name of the powder & what is it made of?
    Powder name: Zinc Oxide Powder

    • Made of : -Zinc Oxide
    • -small amount of Magnesium Oxide
  20. Zinc Phosphate Cement

    The Liquid:
    How is it supplied & what is it made with?
    Supplied: In a bottle with an eye dropped type stopper

    Made of: Phosphoric acid & Water
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