Constitutional Convention

  1. Meeting was held...
    Philadelphia. May 25, 1787
  2. Attended by...
    55 Delegates from all states except Rhode Island
  3. Experience of these delegates ...
    • Service in the American Revolution.
    • 39 served in Continental Congresses or Confederatation Congress.
    • 8 served in thier state constituional conventions.
  4. Who was presided...
    George Washington
  5. william Jackson keeped a ...
  6. James Madison keep personal papers called ...
    The Notes and has been labeled the Father of the Constition
  7. The decisio nwas reached to form a new government, and NOT to reform the Articles was..
    The great Agreement
  8. Virginia Plan...
    Large states. Edmund Randolph. 3 branches chosen by congress. bicameral. based on population. Lower house to be elected by the people. upper house to be chosen by the house.
  9. N.J. Plan...
    • Small States.
    • William Paterson.
    • 3 branches chosen by congress.
    • unicameral.
    • based on equality. one vote per state. selected by the state legisatures.
  10. Connecticut Plan...
    • Compromise.
    • Roger Sherman.
    • 3 branches. all be separate.
    • Bicameral.
    • Lowe House based on population and elected by the people.
    • upper house has 2 from each state members to be selected by the state legislatures.
  11. slavery issue...Norht
    slaves to be counted for taxation but not represtentation
  12. slavery issue ... south
    slaves to be counted for representation but not taxation
  13. commerce issue...north
    regulatio nof trade to rprotect industries
  14. commerce issue...south
    no interference into trade since they feared disruption of slave trade
  15. compromise for commerce...
    the national government to regulate forieign commerce, interstae commerce , and trade with indian tribes.

    could not tax exports.
  16. selection of the president... direct selection
    to be chosen by the people.

    Mob Rule
  17. selection of president... indirect selectoin
    chosen by congress (prblem of seperation of powers)


    chosen by state legislatures (problem of regionalism)
  18. John Locke..Two Treatises on Government
    • concepts...
    • sanctity of private property.
    • the needd of government.
    • nature of man
  19. william Blackstone...
    Commentaries on the Laws of england

    analysis of various lawas and powers of government
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