Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave Pt 5.txt

  1. RHONDA. Suzette?
    DAVE. Yeah, and Dan ...
  2. RHONDA. Suzette and Dan Harding say that I'm a little hung up, there, and that you gotta be a little persistent there...???
    DAVE. Yeah.
  3. RHONDA. Well, who else?
    DAVE. Marci.
  4. RHONDA. Marci?!?
    • DAVE. Yeah, and Phil, // and --
    • >Marci and Phil?!?--<
    • --yeah--and Randy and Chad, and
    • >Randy and Chad?!?--<
    • Lendall and Gayle, and
    • >Gayle?--<
    • Marvalyn and Eric, and
    • >Marvalyn...?<
    • and Jimmy, and Sandrine, and East, and
    • >East??<
    • that's just to name a few ...
  5. RHONDA. Well, why would they -- ...? I love those guys. I'm good to those guys. Why would they say that about me? That's talkin' about me. That's mean.
    DAVE. No --. I don't think they're bein' mean, Rhonda. I think they said that to me about you to kinda warn me what I was gettin' myself into with you. 'Cause they like you. And me. Us. They're rootin' for us, Rhonda.
  6. RHONDA. Who's rootin' for us?
    DAVE. Everybody! East and Gayle and Lendall and Randy and Chad --
  7. RHONDA. Well, they never told me that, that they're "rootin'" fer us --
    DAVE. Well, that's 'cause you're a little hung up, there, Rhonda! Just -- ... I'm sorry if I made you mad. I don't know what I did wrong. I just gave you a kiss. I mean, just ... why not give me one back? It's the polite thing to do, you know, get a kiss/give a kiss, very fair. Just ... give me a kiss, Rhonda.
  8. RHONDA. I don't know how.
    DAVE. What do you mean?
  9. RHONDA. I don't know how. I've never done it before.
    DAVE. You never ... kissed?
  10. RHONDA. I won arm wrestling at every Winter carnival from fifth grade on and i work in plywood at Bushey's Lumber Mill, and that's not what most men wanna ... want.
    DAVE. Oh, now, where do you get that?
  11. RHONDA. From everybody.
    DAVE. Well then ... you got it wrong, Rhonda, 'cause, I gotta tell ya, there's a lota guys that take good long looks at you! Holy Cow: So, you never --. You never ... have
  12. RHONDA. No.
    DAVE. Well, gosh. I think that's kinda neat. You know what?, do me a favor: Try givin' me a kiss and see what happens. And I'm not gonna make fun of you or nothin' bad like that, I promise ...
  13. RHONDA. No ... No ... Let's do the this : Is it apples? Cherries? Big open-faced strawberry rhubarb pie -- Oh, Dave ... I see it! It's a -- I see it. It's -- ... It's nice. That's really nice. It's good. You're good at this!
    DAVE. Yeah?
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