Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave pt 4.txt

  1. RHONDA. Okay, deer. Dead bloody deer // in the middle of the road --
    DAVE. What?!? No!! Rhonda! It's not // a dead deer in the middle of the road!!
  2. RHONDA. Okay, moose.>
    DAVE. What?
  3. RHONDA. Dead bloody moose in the middle of the road.
    DAVE. RHONDA!!! No!!! No!!! That's not somethin' I'd wanna paint!!! // That's not even close to what it is! Dead moose?!? Come on!!!
  4. RHONDA. Well, that's what I see, I don't know what it is, don't get mad, Jeezum Crow!
    DAVE. You don't see what it is?!?
  5. RHONDA. No.
    DAVE. Well, can I give you a hint?
  6. RHONDA. Yeah! What are you doin'?!? What was that?!? Why did you do that?!?
    DAVE. 'Cause I was giving you a hint -- ...
  7. RHONDA. Don't ever do that again. Ever! And GET OUTTA HERE!!!
    DAVE. Jeezum crow ... HEY, RHONDA!!
  8. RHONDA. What?
    DAVE. You really are what they say!!
  9. RHONDA. What? What do they say?
    DAVE. That you're a little hung up, there!!!
  10. RHONDA. Who says that?!?
    DAVE. Everybody.
  11. RHONDA. Everybody who?
    DAVE. Everybody, Rhonda. It's what people in town say ...
  12. RHONDA. When?
    DAVE. When they're talkin'! They say that you're a little hung up, there, so I gotta be a little persistent, there, they say, and they were right!
  13. RHONDA. Who says?
    DAVE. Suzzete.
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Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave pt 4.txt
Lines for Dave in the scene Seeing the Thing from Almost, Maine. Part 4