Ch 19 The Body and Drugs

  1. pharmacodynamics
    study of how drugs produce their effects on desired cells and how a drug is processed by the body; study of biochemical and physiolofic effects of drugs and their mechanisms of action
  2. target cell
    general term referring to a large number of cells, all of which are similar, on which a particular drug is intended to act
  3. drug-drug interaction
    an interaction between two or more drugs administered to a patient, resulting in either an increas or a decrease in the therapeutic effects of one or more of the drugs, or an adverse effect.
  4. metabolite
    any substance produced by the metabolic process
  5. pharmacokinetics
    study of the time course of a drug and its metabolites in the body following drug administration
  6. absorption
    process by which a drug is moved from the site of administration into the bloodstream
  7. distribution
    process by which an absorbed drug is moved from the bloodstream to body tissues or receptors
  8. passive diffusion
    passive transport across a cell membrane; drug molecules move from an area of high concentration into an area of low concentration
  9. facilitated diffusion
    carrier protein permits specific molecules to pass through certain parts of the cells, requires energy
  10. active transport
    • certain substances are permitted to accumulate outside the cells
    • the accumulation generates concentration gradient that will permit transportaion of substance from outside the cell into the cell
  11. pinocytosis
    the cell engulfs substance and permits substance to enter the cell, requires energy
  12. bioavailability
    degree to which a drug becomes available to body tissues after administration
  13. addiction
    pattern of compulsive substance abuse characterized by continued psychological and physiological craving or need for the substance and its effects
  14. tolerance
    when a person requires (psychologically or physiolofically) larger doses of a drug to achieve same effect
  15. dependency
    state of being dependent
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