1. -Children of Jacob
    -New Pharoah enslaves Israelites
    -Pharaoh tries to kill male babies
    Chapter 1
  2. -Moses raised as son of Pharoah's daughter
    -Moses kills Egyptian but is rejected by his own people
    -Moses flees to the wilderness
    Chapter 2
  3. -Burning Bush
    -God's Calling to Moses, and his excuses
    Chapter 3
  4. -More of Moses excuses rebuddled
    -Moses returns to Egypt
    -Circumcision of Moses Son
    -Aaron brings the Israelites back to God under Moses Guidance
    Chapter 4
  5. Moses's first appeal to Pharoah results in more work for the Israelites
    Chapter 5
  6. -Moses renews Israel's covenant with God
    -Generations to Moses and Aaron
    -More of Moses excuses to not talk to Pharaoh
    Chapter 6
  7. Moses makes appeal before Pharoah and turns staff into serpant and water to blood
    Chapter 7
  8. Plagues: frogs, gnats, flies
    Chapter 8
  9. Plagues:livestock killed, boils, hail
    Chapter 9
  10. Plagues: locust, darkness
    Chapter 10
  11. Moses warns Pharaoh about the death of First born sons, but he listens not
    Chapter 11
  12. -The Passover
    -Exodus begins
    -Requirements for taking the Passover
    Chapter 12
  13. -Observing Passover
    -Consecrating the male first borns
    -The Lor leads Israel out of Egypt
    Chapter 13
  14. Crossing the Red Sea
    Chapter 14
  15. -Moses' song of praise
    -Miriam's song of praise
    -the waters at Mariah and Elim
    Chapter 15
  16. The Lord gives Israel Quall and Manna
    Chapter 16
  17. -God gives Israel water from the rock
    -Israel fights the Amlekites
    Chapter 17
  18. -Jethro visits Moses
    -Moses appoints rulers below him
    Chapter 18
  19. Mt. Sinai: God renews his covenant with Israel, God gives Moses instructions for the people while he is on the mountain
    Chapter 19
  20. God tells the people the ten commandments and Moses recieves further commands regarding sacrfices
    Chapter 20
  21. -Laws about interacting with people
    -Laws about people and animals
    Chapter 21
  22. -Laws about people and property
    -other miscellaneus laws
    Chapter 22
  23. -More Misc. Laws
    -Rewards for obedience
    Chapter 23
  24. Moses, Aaron, and 70 elders trip upt to Mt. Sinai after wwriting down the law Moses was told and burning sacrifices
    Chapter 24
  25. God instructs Moses on how to make the tabernacle furniture
    Chapter 25
  26. Structure of Tabernacle
    Chapter 26
  27. The alter and the court
    Chapter 27
  28. The priestly garments
    Chapter 28
  29. -Concecration of Priests
    -Daily Offerings
    Chapter 29
  30. -Altar of Incense
    -Atonement Money
    -Basin for Washing
    -Annointing Oil
    Chapter 30
  31. -Bezalel and Oholiab
    -The Sabbath
    -Tablets given to Moses
    Chapter 31
  32. The Golden Calf and Consequences
    Chapter 32
  33. -Lord tells Moses to lead people to the promise land
    -Moses is shown the glory of God
    Chapter 33
  34. -Moses has new tablets
    -Israel's covenant is written out
    -Moses' shining face
    Chapter 34
  35. -Sabbath Laws
    -Laws concerning the Tabernacle
    -Artisans called by God
    Chapter 35
  36. -Building the Tabernacle
    -The people of Israel give more than enough
    Chapter 36
  37. -Making the arc of testimony
    -table for showbread
    -golden lampstand
    -altar of incense
    -annointing oil and incense
    Chapter 37
  38. Making the altar of burnt offering, the bronze lavar, court of tabernacle, and the materials of the tabernacle.
    Chapter 38
  39. -Making garments of the priesthood, the ephod, the breastplate, and others
    -The work is complete
    Chapter 39
  40. -The tabernacle is set up and arranged
    -The cloud of the glory of the Lord
    Chapter 40
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