1. Define: SYSTEM
    a group of parts that work together as a unit
  2. Define: STABILITY
    that over time the changes in a system cancel each other out.
  3. Define: ECOSYSTEM
    group of living things and the environment they live in
  4. Define: POPULATION
    a group of the same species living in the same place at the smae time
  5. Define: COMMUNITY
    is made up of all the populations that live together
  6. Define: HABITAT
    an environment that meets the needs of the organisms living there
  7. Define: NICHE
    role of a population in a habitat
  8. Define: PRODUCER
    things that make thir own food
  9. Define: CONSUMER
    eat other living things for energy
  10. Define: DECOMPOSER
    feeds on the wastes of plants and animals or on their remains after they die
  11. Define: CLIMATE
    the average weather over a long time
  12. Define: DIVERSITY
    variety of plants and animals
  13. Define: SALINITY
    the amount of salt
  14. Define: ENERGY PYRAMID
    shows how much food energy is passed from one organism to another along the food chain
  15. Define: FOOD CHAIN
    the way energy moves throught eh ecosystem. It has three levels Producers, consumers, and decomposers
  16. Define: OPEN-OCEAN ZONE
    deepest part of the ocean
  17. what is open-ocean zone like
    sunlight cannot reach the bottom and few organisms can live there but living things can be found near the surface in the open-ocean zone
  18. what does near shore zone like
    water is shallow so light can shine through all the way to the bottom and has many kinds of life
  19. Define: NEAR-SHORE ZONE
    starts at the low tide mark and gose out into the ocean.
  20. can plants live in intertidal zone
    yes but have to be able to live through daily changes caused by tides
    a morrow strip along the shore taht is covered with water during high tides
  22. name some producers
    aglae, trees, grass, bushes, flowers
  23. names some consumers
    people, snails, bears, fish, animals
  24. names some decomposers
    turkey vultures, flys, ants,
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