Key signitures

  1. B flat major
    b and e are flat
  2. E flat major
    b, e, and a are flat
  3. A flat major
    b, e, a, d are flat
  4. d flat major
    b, e, a, d, g are flat
  5. G flat (f#) major
    b, e, a, d, g, c are flat
  6. B major
    f, c, g, d, a are sharp
  7. E major
    f, c, g, d are sharp
  8. A major
    f, c, g are sharp
  9. D major
    F and c are sharp
  10. G major
    f is sharp
  11. C major
    no sharps or flats
  12. F major
    B is flat
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Key signitures
Key signitures for low brass, trombone/baritone