1. Retributive theory of justice?
    • How they should act together.
    • ( Eye for an Eye) ( Old Testiment
  2. Distributive theory of Justice?
    • We should be as sympathetic as can be to any person.
    • ( Turn the other Cheek ) ( New Testament )
  3. Meritocratic theory of Justice?
    • Treating by your mending standard
    • ( Merit ) ( Ranking ) ( Standards )
  4. Human Nature Character Traits?
    All human share. In our DNA..
  5. Individual Nature Character traits?
    Temperature. Shy. Cheerful... Lazy..... Calm
  6. Learned Character Traits?
    Parents in force.
  7. Chosen Character traits?
    What you chose.
  8. Theism?
    • Someone who ask the question is their a higher power
    • Believe in ( GODS )
  9. Atheist?
    • Someone who believes their isn't a God.
    • Believe in Nature not a Being .
  10. Agnostic?
    • Don't know enough yet to believe.
    • Open Minded
  11. Arguments for their is a Theism?
    • 1. First Cause Argument
    • 2. The Intellectual Design Argument
  12. First Cause Argument?
    Theism.... Everything we see has to had a cause.. Cause of Universe leads to God.. God being UnCaused
  13. Intellectual Design Argument?
    If something has a design to it their must have been an intelligent who can make it. Universe has a design. Designer must be God..
  14. Argument for Atheist?
    1. Argument of Evil
  15. Argument of Evil?
    If you believe in God the perfect being God then why is their evil in the universe.
  16. Pascal's Wager?
    • You got everything to gain nothing to lose.
    • Meaning if you go against hell you lost everything.
  17. 3 form of Egoism?
    • 1. Crude Egoism
    • 2. Hedonistic Egoism
    • 3. Rational Egoism
  18. Crude Egoism?
    • Abides by the principal but never helps anyone.
    • (ME, ME, Me) ( TAKER ) ( SELFISH)
  19. Hedonistic Egoism?
    • Immediately does it for pleasure what will make me feel good.
    • ( Sensory Pleasure )
  20. Rational Egoism?
    I will always THINK before I act. Thinks for long run..
  21. Egoism?
    • One does by nature and one ought to do whatever best promotes one's own individual well being and survival/
    • ( One should be primarily self interested )
  22. Altruism?
    One ought to do whatever best promotes the well being & survival of others.
  23. Social Principal of Egoism?
    In helping others ones ought never to sacrifice for them nor expect them to sacrifice for you.
  24. Two kinds of Helping?
    • 1. Sacrificial Helping
    • 2. Egoistic Helping
  25. Sacrificial Helping?
    Help another person without any consideration ( Calculation ) in return
  26. Egoistic Helping?
    When a person helps another person while all the time considering ( calculating ) something in return
  27. Epistemology?
    Theory of knowledge
  28. Knowledge?
    True Belief
  29. Plato light?
  30. Objective knowledge?
    True belief through reason
  31. Plato the mind?
    • Desires
    • Intellect
    • Asserting our will
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