vocab week 8

  1. cranes

    A. machines with long, movable arms used to lift things
  2. directions

    B. instructions on how to do something
  3. promise

    C. statement made by a person telling he or she will do something
  4. twitch

    C. to move with a sharp, quick movement
  5. worry

    A. to think that bad things will happen
  6. mammal

    C. animal that has hair or fur, the female of which feeds milk from her body to her young
  7. reptile

    B. animal that is covered with scales and has rough, dry skin
  8. amphibian

    C. animal that has smooth, moist skin and lives both on land and in water
  9. insect

    C. animal that has three body parts and six legs
  10. cocoon

    C. wrapping that keep baby silkworms safe
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vocab week 8
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