Exam 1

  1. Complaint
    Paperwork that starts lawsuit; list of allegations
  2. mortgage
    borowing money and putting lien against home
  3. power of attorney
    document allowing someone else to act on your behalf
  4. plaintiff
    person who brings the lawsuit
  5. appeal
    taking case to next highest court
  6. conflict of laws
    Determination of what jurisdictions laws apply to a dispute
  7. ethics
    system of moral code or behavior
  8. motion
    procedure to the court for a request
  9. affirm
    to state as correct
  10. jurisdiction
    who (where) / authority (power)
  11. appelent
    person taking appeal
  12. interrogetories
    list of ?s directed to opponent in law suit
  13. stare decisis
    have to follow the decision of the court above you (totum pole)
  14. adversarial system of justice
    2 sided system of justice that battle each other with judge as referee
  15. remand
    hand case back down
  16. defendent
    party being sued
  17. pleadings
    documents filed in lawsuit
  18. co-signing a note
    obligating yourself to pay someone else's financial responsibility
  19. living will
    a document stating ones medical wishes for themeselves on their way out
  20. morality
    code of behavior adopted by a certain person
  21. verdict
    judgement, answer
  22. discovery
    fact finding
  23. argument
    • 1. issue
    • 2. premise
    • 3. conclusion
  24. consideration
    price one pays for another's promise
  25. overrule
    reject or disallow
  26. answer
    response to complaint
  27. appellee
    party who appeal is taken
  28. PA Supreme Court
    handles capital offenses only
  29. allocator
    permission granted by supreme court of PA to hear an appeal
  30. PA Court of Common Pleas
    • criminal side: right to trial by jury
    • have the right to appeal

    civil side: hears everything
  31. PA District Magistrate Court
    hears civil cases up to 8k, 1st step of criminal cases
  32. remand w/ instructions
    sent back down with instructions on how to do it right
  33. tort law
    duty imposed by society
  34. contract law
    duties involuntarily assumed
  35. offer
    willingness to enter into contract
  36. acceptance
    willingness to abide by the terms of the contract
  37. brief
    written argument to the court
  38. premise
    reasoning used to figure out arguement
  39. conclusion
    answer to argument
  40. issue
    what's being argued about
  41. fact
    proven (judge & jury decides)
  42. common law
    law developed by judges through cases of courts
  43. civil law
    reasoned by written laws
  44. deposition
    sworn testimony taken outside of court
  45. Supreme Court Judges
    Roberts (Chief Justice), Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Bader-Ginsburg, Breyer, Alito, Kagan, Sotomayor
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