Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave Pt 3.txt

  1. RHONDA. Well, why would you give me somethin' that's gonna frustrate?!?
    DAVE. No, no, no, I just mean you gotta not try to look for anything, that's what'll frustrate you. You gotta just kinda look at it, so it doesn't know you're lookin' at it.
  2. RHONDA. What're you talkin' about?
    DAVE. You gotta trick it! Trick it! See? Trick it, trick it! Gotta not let it know. And hopefully you'll eventually see what it is. It's a common thing, it's sometin' everybody knows. There ya go, there ya go!
  3. RHONDA. This is stupid. I don't see anything.
    DAVE. No, you were doin' good!
  4. RHONDA. Dave!
    DAVE. All right, all right, then, do this: Do what you usually do around the house at night, and check it out real casual-like, and --
  5. RHONDA. I usually have a Bud and talk to you on the phone.
    DAVE. Well, do that. Where's the kitchen? // I'll get you a Bud, and you can talk to me --
  6. RHONDA. N-n-n-n-no!>
    DAVE. What?
  7. RHONDA. I'm outta Bud. Only got Natty Lite.
    DAVE. All right, I'll get you a Natty Lite, // and you can have your beer and talk to me --
  8. RHONDA. N-n-no!
    • DAVE. Why not? Come on, let's go inside and get us a coupla beers!
    • >RHONDA. No! We gotta trick this thing, right? See? I'm trickin' it, I'm trickin' it! Trickin' it, I'm trickin' it!<
    • It's what people who've known each other for a long time do. Come on!! HEY!! Quit it!! How many years years I know ya, I come all the way out here every Friday night, and I never been inside your house for beers?! That's unnatural. It's unnatural, // Rhonda! So let's do what's the natural thing to do and go inside and have some beers -- !
  9. RHONDA. I don't care what it is, I gotta trick this thing. Hey! Hey-hey-hey, DAVE!! Quit runnin' your suck!! I gotta look. At this thing.
    DAVE. You're doin' it wrong!
  10. RHONDA. Shh!
    DAVE. You gotta trick it, you gotta trick it! --
  11. RHONDA. Hey-hey-hey!, okay, okay!! I got somethin'!
    DAVE. Yeah?
  12. RHONDA. Yeah! Yeah-yeah-yeah: Roadkill.
    DAVE. What?
  13. RHONDA. Roadkill. Dead raccoon in the middle of the road.
    DAVE. What? No! That's not what it is! --
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Seeing the Thing Almost Maine Dave Pt 3.txt
Lines for Dave in the scene Seeing the Thing from Almost, Maine. Part 3