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  1. Onychomycosis
    • -Fungal infection, subungual debris
    • -thickening of nails

    Treatment: debredment, antifungal medication, lazer, nail removal
  2. Onycogryphosis
    Hypertroph, abnormal growth of nail

    treatment: debredment, removal
  3. Onychocryptosis
    ingrown nail

    treatment: removal, round border
  4. Paronychia
    -inflammation b/c of onychocryptosis and bacterial infection

    treatment: incise and drain, remove nail, antibiotics
  5. Psoriasis
    -Pitting in the nail, similar to onychomycosis
  6. Onycholysis
    -separation of nail plate beginning distally
  7. Periungual fibroma
    -fibroid tumor around nail folds
  8. Subungual hematoma
    -bruise under nail
  9. Subungual exostosis
    -bony growth under nail
  10. Tyloma
    -Callous or thickening of the skin

    treatment: debridment, insoles, cream
  11. Keritoma
    - deep, nucleated callous caused by bony prominence
  12. Perokeritosis
    -small, nucleated callous on plantar aspect of foot. Caused by plugged skin pore/duct.
  13. Heloma durum
    -hard corn, callous on dorsum or distal end of toe
  14. Heloma Molle
    -Soft corn, between toes

    treatment: debridment, toe separator
  15. Verruca plantaris
    -Plantar warts, caused by papilloma virus

    treatment: topical acid, removal, lazer, cryosurgery
  16. Mosaic verruca
    -warts clustered in large numbers
  17. Verruca vulgaris
    -common warts, not on plantar aspect of foot
  18. Nevus
    -moles, benign pigmented regions
  19. Malignant melanoma
    -skin cancer of melanocytes

    treatment: biopsy then excision
  20. Tinea pedis
    -athletes foot, fungal infection

    treatment: antifungal cream, oral medication
  21. Tinea Corporus
    -ring worm, raised lesions, circular
  22. Cellulitis
    -acute, spreading bacterial infection of skin

    treatment: oral antibiotics
  23. Abcess
    -localized pocket of bacteria

    treatment: drain
  24. Hyperhydrosis
    -excessively sweaty feet
  25. Bromohydrosis
    - stinky, sweaty feet
  26. Psoriasis
    • -Genetic, autoimmune disease
    • -silvery scales present, plaques

    treatment: topical medications
  27. Contact dermatits
    -inflammation of skin b/c of chemical irritant
  28. Eczema
    • -inflammatory response
    • -areas of erythema clustered together

    treatment: steroids
  29. Venous status dermatitis
    -inflammation of skin due to stagnate venous return from lower extremity

    treatment: tight bandages, diuretics
  30. Ulcer
    -wound caused by loss of tissue
  31. Talipes equino varus
    -foot on toes and inverted
  32. Talipes calcaneal valgus
    -foot raise to stand only on ankle and everted
  33. hammer toe
    - raised metatarsophalangeal joint and plantar flexion of the proximal interphalangeal joint
  34. Mallet toe
    -plantar flexion contraction of the distal interphalangeal joint
  35. Claw toe
    • - dorsiflexion of the metatarsophalangeal joint
    • -plantar flexion of teh distal and proximal interphalangeal joint
  36. Varus toe
    -toe rotate, inverted
  37. Overlapping toe
    -toes overlapping
  38. hallus abductovalgus
    -medial deviation and valgus (everted) rotation of hallux
  39. hallux limitus
    -decreased dorsiflexion of metatarsophalangeal joint
  40. hallux rigidus
    - no dorsiflexion of metatarsophalangeal joint
  41. hallux varus
    -medial deviation and varus (inversion) of hallux
  42. Tailor's bunion
    - lateral deviation of 5th metatarsal with medial deviation of 5th toe
  43. Brachymetatarsia
    -shortened metatarsal
  44. inferior calcaneal exostosis
    - heel spur
  45. Plantarfascitis
    -inflammation of plantar fascia
  46. Haglund's deformity
    • - pump bump
    • - prominent posteriosuperior portion of calcaneus
  47. Calcaneal apophysitis
    - inflammation of growth plate in chiildren @ achilles' tendon attachment
  48. Freiberg's disease
    -necrosis at metatarsal head epiphysis
  49. Sprain
    -injury to ligaments surrounding ankle
  50. Strain
    -injury to muscle fiber/tendon
  51. Tendonitis
    inflamed tendon
  52. Polydactyly
    multiple toes
  53. plantar fibroma
    fibrous growth on plantar fascia
  54. osteomelitis
    infection of bone
  55. pes planus
    flat foot
  56. pes cavus
    high arch
  57. intoeing
    pigeon toed
  58. metatarsus adductus
    adducted metatarsal bones at tarsometatarsal joint
  59. Outtoeing
    Abducted position of lower extremity
  60. Osteoarthritis
    arthritis from wear and tear
  61. Rheumatoid arthritis
    Autoimmune disease causing destruction of joints in adults and children
  62. Gouty Arthritis
    • -monoarticular arthritis, commonly on 1st metatarsal
    • -Caused by increased amounts of uric acid in blood
  63. Psoriatic arthritis
    - arthritis often affecting the skin of the distal joints
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