Vocabulary Lesson 3: English

  1. excerpt
    • (n) a passage selected from a book, play, or piece of music, ect.
    • (tr. v) to take a passage from a book, ect.; to quote
  2. exhilarate
    (tr. v) to cheer; to stimulate; to enliven
  3. exonerate
    • (tr. v) to free from blame
    • (tr. v) to relieve of a task
  4. exorbitant
    (adj.) Excessive
  5. compound
    • (tr. v) to mix together; to combine two or more parts or elements
    • (adj.) Having two or more parts or elements
    • (n.) a combination of elements, parts, or substances
  6. exposition
    • (n) a precise statement or explanation
    • (n) a public exhibit or show
  7. expound
    (tr and intr. v) To set forth and explanation or view of something in detail (usually used with on)
  8. impose
    • (tr. v.) to set up, or force something (or oneself) on others
    • (intr. v) to take unfair advantage of someone
  9. imposter
    (n) one who deceives by using a false identity
  10. proponent
    (n) one who argues in support of something
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