HS 351 Ch. 6

  1. Interim Medical Expenses Insurance
    Coverage that is purchased only for a specific period of time. Interim medical expense insurance includes temporary, international travel, and student policies.
  2. Temporary medical policies
    Provide individuals and families with medical expesne insurance for limited periods of time.
  3. International travel medical policies
    An interim medical expense policy for persons who are traveling abroad
  4. Hospital confinement indemnity insurance
    A type of supplemental medical policy featuring cash benefits in the event of hospitalization and/or surgery resulting from illness or injury.
  5. Accident-only policy
    A policy or a rider to a policy that provides coverage singly or in combination for death, dismemberment, disability, or hospital and medical care caused by accident.

    See also accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)
  6. Specified (dread) disease insurance
    Supplemental medical insurance that provides per day, per service, expense incurred, and/or lump-sum benefit payments upon the occurrence of medical events or diagnoses related to the treatment of a disease named in the policy. Although specified disease insurance for cancer only continues to be a prevalent form of this type of coverage, many policies cover cancer and as many as 30 or more other dread diseases.
  7. Critial illness insurance
    Supplemental medical expense insurance that provides a one-time lump-sum cash benefit if the insured is afflicted with a covered critical condition. The specified conditions for which benefits are paid may result from injury, disease, or major surgery.

    Also known as serious illness insurance.
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