Organic Chemistry-Functional Groups

  1. Hydrocarbon (alkane)
    • Organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen and carbon.
    • i.e., methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane
  2. Alkyl Halids
    • Derived from hydrocarbons containing one or more halogens.
    • i.e., CH3Cl methylchloride
  3. Alcohol
    • Hydroxyl group (-OH) is attached to a carbon atom.
    • i.e., CH3OH (methanol), CH3CH2OH (ethenol), CH3CH2CH2OH (proponal)
  4. Carbonyl Group
    • Carbon attached to an oxygen with a double bond.
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  5. Aldehydes
    • Carbonyl group is bonded to at least one hydrogen atom.
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  6. Ketones
    • Carbonyl group bonded to two carbon atoms.
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  7. Caboxylic Acid
    • Hydroxyl group is present along with a carbonyl group directly bonded to the same carbon atom.
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  8. Lactone
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  9. Anhydride
  10. Ether
    R-O-R where R may be an alkyl, aryl, or benzyl groups. they may be the same or different.

    R-O-R or R-O-R'
  11. Phenol
    • Organic compound with the chemical formula C6H5OH
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  12. Amine
    Derivative of ammonia.
  13. Amide
    Have a carbonyl group bonded to a nitrogen atom bearing hydrogen and or alkyl groups.
  14. Ester
    • Have a carbonyl group bonded to an alkoxyl group.
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