They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 4.txt

  1. CHAD. Well, four//
    RANDY. Prob'ly busy all day, I don't know when we'll be // done.
  2. CHAD. Well, you just //
    • RANDY. I don't know, I don't know!, so,
    • >CHAD. Well --<
    • hey-HEY!! I'll see ya later!
  3. CHAD. Yeah. Yeah-yeah-yeah ... Hey, Randy! --
    RANDY. Whoa! Chad! You okay?
  4. CHAD. Yeah ...
    RANDY. What the -- ... Here ...
  5. CHAD. Thanks. Umm ...
    RANDY. What was that? You okay? What just happened there?
  6. CHAD. Umm ... I just fell ...
    RANDY. Well, I figured that out ...
  7. CHAD. No -- ... I just --. I think I just ... fell in love with you there, Randy.
    RANDY. Chad!
  8. CHAD. Yup. That's what that was. Me fallin in love with you ...
    RANDY. Chad: What are you doin'? Come on, get up!
  9. CHAD. No-no-no, Randy --
    RANDY. Would you cut that out?!?
  10. CHAD. Well, I can't help it!! It just kinda came over me!! I've fallen in love with ya, here!!
    • RANDY. Chad: I'm your best buddy in the whole world ... and I don't quite know what you're doin' or what you're goin' on about ... but what the heck is your problem?!? What the heck are you doin'?!? Jeezum Crow, you're my best friend,
    • >CHAD. Yeah--<
    • and that's -- ... That's a thing you don't mess with. And you messed with it. And you don't do that. (Starts to go but...) 'Cause you know somethin', you're about the only thing that feels really good and makes sense in this world to me, too, and then you go and foul it up, by doin' this and tellin' me that, amd now it just doesn't make any sense at all. And it doesn't feel good. (Starts to go but...) You've done a real number on a good thing, here, buddy, 'cause we're friends, and there's a line when you're friends that you can't cross. And you crossed it!
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They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 4.txt
Lines for Randy in the scene They Fell from Almost, Maine. Part 4