CH. 12 med terms the other words i forgot to put in (this makes me wanna cry ... jk!!!!)

  1. sebaceous glands
    • microscopic glands in the skin which secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate the skin and hair of mammals.
    • I wikied this.
  2. integument
    external covering of the body.
  3. function of the integument
    covers the body and protects the underlying tissues from invasion of microbes and from drying out and harmful light rays. Other functions: control body temperature, receive stimuli form the environment, prevent excessive loss of temperature, excrete water and salt.
  4. epi dermis
    • epi- = above
    • derma = skin
    • thin outer layer
  5. dermis
    • derma = skin
    • thick layer under epidermis
    • contains numerous blood vessels, nerves, and glands, embedded hair follicles
    • causes ridges = fingerprints
  6. sub cutane ous
    • sub- = below
    • cutane/o = skin
    • -ous = pertaining to
    • adipose tissue
  7. adipose
    • adip/o = fat
    • fatty
  8. subcutaneous adipose tissue
    fat that serves as insulation and a cushion against shock
  9. keratin
    nonliving cells in the epidermis, constantly shed and replaced and to protect from microorganisms
  10. sclero protein
    • scler/o = hard
    • insoluble in most solvents
  11. accessory skin structures
    hair, nails, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands.
  12. pilomotor muscles
    • pil/o = hair
    • motor = mover
    • causes erection of the hairs of the skin in response to a chilly environment, emotional stimulus, or skin irritation
  13. axill/o
    axilla, armpit
  14. trich/o
  15. sudoriferous glands
    sweat glands
  16. perspiration
    elimination of waste form from sweat glands
  17. sebum
    oily substance that is responsible for lubrication of the skin
  18. follicles
    tiny tubes of epidermal cells that contain the root of the hair shaft
  19. seb/o
    sebum - keeps hair and skin soft, and inhibits growth of bacteria
  20. keratin
    • kerat/o = hard or horny (pertaining to skin!)
    • hard fibrous protein (deja vu, i think i used this word twice).
  21. lesion
    any visible, localized abnormality of the skin, such as a wound, rash, or sore.
  22. nodule
    • cause a raise are on the overlaying skin
    • marble-like, solid lesion more than 1cm wide and deep
  23. cyst
    filled with fluid or semisolid material
  24. macules
    • freckles
    • small and nonraised
  25. papules
    • moles
    • raised
  26. plaque
    • dandruff
    • elevated and appears as a large patch
  27. vesicles
    • blisters or fluid-filled lesions
    • smaller than bullae (bulla)
  28. bulla
    blisters or fluid-filled lesions
  29. pustules
    • blisters or fluid-filled lesions
    • filled with cloudy fluid or pus
  30. wheals
    • seen in an allergic skin eruption
    • elevated and irregularly shaped lesions
  31. fissure
    • athlete's foot
    • linear cracks in the epidermis
  32. ulcers
    deep, irregular erosions that extend into the dermis
  33. atrophy of the skin
    • stretch marks
    • thinning with the loss of skin markings
  34. scales
    dried fragments of sloughed epidermis that are whitish and irregular in size and shape
  35. keloid
    excessive overgrowth of unsightly scar tissue
  36. laceration
    torn, jagged wound
  37. incision
    smooth-edged wound produced by a sharp instrument
  38. a sept ic
    • a- = without
    • sept/o = infection
    • -ic = pertaining to
    • free of pathogenic organisms
  39. abrasion
    skin is scraped or rubbed away by friction
  40. contusion
    • bruise
    • caused by a blow to the body that does not break the skin
  41. skin graft
    skin is implanted to cover ares where skin has been lost
  42. topical medications
    drugs placed directly on the skin
  43. bacterio static
    • bacteri/o = bacteria
    • -static = keeping stationary
    • inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  44. bactericidal
    killing bacteria
  45. asepsis
    the absence of germs (absence of infection)
  46. sepsis
    infection or contamination
  47. septic
    infected wound
  48. transdermal
    • drug delivery method of applying a drug to unbroken skin.
    • absorbed through the skin and then enters the circulatory system (for estrogen and nicotine)
  49. lipo suction
    • suction-assisted lipectomy
    • removes adipose tissue with a suction pump device
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CH. 12 med terms the other words i forgot to put in (this makes me wanna cry ... jk!!!!)
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