1. littera
    letter, l
  2. alliteration
    same initial sound in succesion
  3. literal
    in accordance with the primary meaning of a word
  4. literate
    able to read and write
  5. obliterate
    to wipe out
  6. scribo
    to write, L
  7. ascribe
    to contribute to a particular cause
  8. circumscribe
    to encircle
  9. conscription
    a military draft
  10. proscribe
    to condemn
  11. subscribe
    to place an order by signing
  12. transcribe
    to make a copy of
  13. onoma
    name, G
  14. acronym
    a word composed of the first letters or parts of a name or series of words
  15. onomatopoeia
    a word that sounds like the thing it names
  16. pseudonym
    a fictitious name
  17. nomen
    name, L
  18. ignominious
  19. nomenclature
    a system of naming
  20. graphein
    to write, G
  21. Gramma
    letter, G
  22. epigram
    a short, witty saying
  23. epigraph
    an inscription
  24. choreography
    the art of creating dances
  25. graffiti
    words or drawings scribbled on a wall
  26. graphic
    relating to the visual arts
  27. lithograph
    a special print where it will only print on a smooth surface
  28. topography
    the features of an area
  29. lexis
    speech, G
  30. eclectic
    consisting of parts selected from sources
  31. lexicon
    a specialized dictionary
  32. logos
    logic, G
  33. analogy
    a comparison between things that are alike
  34. apologist
    person who makes argument in support of someone else
  35. epilogue
    short concluding section in a literary work
  36. logo
    a symbol used to identify organization
  37. logistics
    organization of supplies and services
  38. eulogy
    a speech in praise of a person or thing
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