History Exam #1

  1. OPEC
    Trading bloc whose members are oil-processing contries
  2. Oishi Kuranosuke
    Chief retainer of Lord Asano
  3. Jizya
    Tax on Non-Muslims
  4. Suleyman
    Ottoman ruler known as the "law-giver"
  5. Yuan Dynasty
    China under Mongol rule
  6. Isfahan
    Capital of Safavid
  7. Author of "The World is Flat"
    Thomas Friedman
  8. Mughal empor of India. Had the Taj Mahal built in memory of his wife
    Shah Jahan
  9. Ottoman religious warriors who conquered territory in the name of Allah
  10. Founder of Ming Dynasty
  11. Code of Samurai
  12. Founder of Mughul Empire
  13. WTO
    "World Trade Organization", an organization est. 1995 with more than 120 nations and whose goal is to lossen barriers to free trade
  14. NAFTA
    North American Free Trade Agreement (Trade Blocs)
  15. McDonaldization
    the term for cultural homogenization created by globalization
  16. Devshirme
    Islamic concept of a protected people that was symbolic of Islamic toleration during the Mughal and Ottoman empires
  17. Millet System
    An autonomous, self-growing community in the Ottan empire
  18. Imam
    Leader of Muslum warship
  19. Quizilbash
    Twelver Shiism followers of red hat memory of the 12 Shiite Imam
  20. Akbar
    Babur's (founder of Mugal Empire) grandson
  21. Eunuchs
    a castrated man (could not generate families who might one day challenge imperial athority)
  22. Zhu Di
    Zheng He's young master and 3rd Ming Emperor
  23. Gavin Menzies
    Britsh writer of best bookseller: 1421: The Year China discovered America. Evident that Zheng He's fleet continued after Africa around Cape of Good Hope
  24. Life Preservation Laws
    Forbids the killing and harm of animals
  25. Lord Kira
    Master of Ceremonies
  26. Seppuku
    Ritual suicide
  27. Sengaku-ji
    Temple when the 47 Ronin were buried
  28. Bushido
    "Way of the Warrior", Japanese code of conduct used by Samurai
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