Radiology II

  1. List the three parts of the xray machine.
    Control Panel, extension arm, tubehead.
  2. List 3 adjustments found on the control panel.
    mA, kV, on/off
  3. Milliamperage (mA) controls the ________ or amount of electrons produced.
  4. What is mA most commonly set at?
    10 - 15
  5. Kilovoltage (kV) controls the ________ or penetrating power of the beam.
  6. What is the purpose of the extension arm?
    Position the tubehead towards the pt.
  7. What part of the xray machine generates the xrays?
  8. The neative ( - ) side of the tubehead, where the electrons ar generated is called the _____.
  9. When the machine is turned on, what heats up, and produces the electrons?
    filament or coil
  10. What directs the electrons to the positive side of the tubehead?
    Focusing cup
  11. What is the positive (+) side of the tubehead called?
  12. When the button is pushed, the electrons shoot to the ______.
    Tungsten target
  13. The area where they hit is called the _____.
    Focal spot
  14. The xrays are then directed down, through the aperture, or window , and encounter the aluminum _____.
  15. What is the purpose of the aluminum filter?
    To eliminate soft, weak, xrays.
  16. The primary xray beam continues through the cone, and next encounter What?
    Collimator or lead diaphragm
  17. The x rays then pass through the open cone, and out the _____.
    PID ( Position Indicator Device)
  18. The outside of the tubehead is surrounded by what type of casing?
  19. The next casing, inside of the metal one is the _____.
    Glass casing or Glass envelope
  20. What is found in between these two casings and why?
    Oil Bath for cooling.
  21. What is the purpose of the collimator ( lead diaphragm)?
    Reshapes the beam, and limits its size.
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