They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 3.txt

  1. CHAD. Ooh.
    RANDY. He did. Asked me to "please leave." He's small as she is. What?
  2. CHAD. That's just -- pretty bad.
    RANDY. Yup.
  3. CHAD. And sad.
    RANDY. Yup.
  4. CHAD. So ... I guess you win.
    RANDY. Yup!
  5. CHAD. That right there might make you the big winner of all time!
    RANDY. Yup!
  6. CHAD. "Baddest-date-guy" of all time!
    RANDY. Yup!
  7. CHAD. Congratulations!
    RANDY. Thank you!
  8. CHAd. So what do you pick tomorrow?
    RANDY. Bowlin'. Supper at the Snowmobile Club. Coupla beers at the Moose Paddy. Hang out.
  9. CHAD. Good.
    RANDY. What?
  10. CHAD. I don't know. Just sometimes ... I don't know why I bother goin' "out." I don't like it, Randy. I hate it. I hate goin' out on these dates. I mean, why do I wanna spend my Friday night with some girl I might maybe like, when I could be spendin' it hangin' out with someone I know I like, like you, you know?
    RANDY. Yeah.
  11. CHAD. I mean ... that was rough tonight. In the mddle of Sally tellin' me how she didn't like the way I smelled ... I got real sad,>
    RANDY. Yeah.
  12. CHAD. and all I could think about was how not much in this world makes me feel god or makes much sense anymore, and I got really scared, 'cause there's gotta be something that makes you feel good or at least makes sense in this world, or what's the point, right? But then I kinda came out of bein' sad, and actually felt okay, 'cause I realized that there is one thing in this world that makes me feel really good and that does make sense and it's you.
    • RANDY. Well I'm gonna head.
    • >CHAD. Yeah.<
    • I gotta work in the mornin' ...
  13. CHAD. Well, I'm just supervisin' first shift at the mill, so I can pick you up anytime after three --
    RANDY. Oh, I don't know, Chad: Me and Lendall, we got a long day tomorrow -- we're still catchin' up, fixin' roofs from all the snow in December, // gotta do Marvalyn and Eric's, and --
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They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 3.txt
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