Vocabulary Pt. 2

  1. Pertinacious
    Very persistent
  2. Pertinent
    Relevant to the matter at hand
  3. Retinue
    Group of followers or assistants attending a distinguished person.
  4. Tenacity
  5. Tenancy
    Period of tenants temporary holding of real estate.
  6. Tenet
    Principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true.
  7. Untenable
    Incapable of being held or defended.
  8. Admonish
    Rebuke; warn of a fault.
  9. Admonition
    Counseling against a fault or error.
  10. Premonition
    Anticipation of a coming event.
  11. Countermand
    Issue a contrary order.
  12. Mandate
    • 1) Authoritative command
    • 2) Territory administered by a trustee
  13. Remand
    Send back
  14. Acredited
    Officially authorized or recognized.
  15. Credence
    Belief as to the truth of something.
  16. Credentials
    Documents that inspire belief or trust.
  17. Credit
  18. Credit
    Belief; faith; trust
  19. Credulous
    Easily deceived.
  20. Creed
    Summary of principles believed in.
  21. Discredit
    Refuse to believe.
  22. I
  23. Incredible
    Not believable
  24. Incredulity
  25. Affidavit
    Sworn written statement made before an authorized official.
  26. Bona fide
    Made or carried out in good faith.
  27. Diffident
    Not confident
  28. Fidelity
    Faithfulness to a trust or vow
  29. Fiduciary
    Held in trust; confidential
  30. Infidel
    One who who does not accept a particular faith
  31. Perfidious
    False to trust
  32. Perfidy
    Violation of a trust.
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