Chapter 3

  1. That portion of a file in the Macintosh file system that stores the variable data associated with the file.
    Data Fork
  2. The file system designed for Linux that is installed, by default, in Linux operating systems, ext enables the use of the full range of built-in-Linux commands, file , manipulation, and security.
    Extended File System (ext or ext fs)
  3. A file management system that defines the way data is stored on a disk drive.
    File Allocation Table (FAT)
  4. An early Apple Macintosh file system storage method that uses a hierarchical directory structure.
    Hierarchical Filinf System (HES)
  5. A software process that marks tracks and sectors on a disk.
    Low-Level Format
  6. A process that prepares a disk partiton (or removable media) for a specific file system.
    High-Level Formatting
  7. Blocking a group of tracks and sectors to be used by a particular file system, such as FAT or NTFS.
  8. In the Macintosh file system, that portion of a file that contains fixed information, such as a programs's icons, menu, resources, and splash screens.
    Resource Fork
Card Set
Chapter 3