Elementary Pschology

  1. Who discovered "feature detectors"?
    • David Hubel
    • Torsten Wiesel
  2. What is orientation (horizontal) feature detector?
    Image Upload 1AP's becomes more active when shifted
  3. Movement feature dectors
    Image Upload 2AP's activity increase with movement
  4. What can damage to the front of the head cause?
    Mainly sensory problems
  5. What can damage to the back of the head cause?
    Mainly cause perceptual problems
  6. What is oddity "blindsight"
    No awarness of visual world
  7. How do people with damage to their superior colliculus feel about their love's one?
    They don't feel emotionally about them. They feel like they can't trust them.
  8. What are the visual pathways for parallel processing?
    Image Upload 3
  9. Three visual pathways
    • lateral geniculate nucleus
    • superior colliculus
    • suprachiasmatic nucleus
  10. What are the three visual input?
    • Color
    • Motion
    • Form
  11. What is motion blindness?
    Can see stationary objects, but not those in motions.
  12. What is Achromatopsia?
    See world in shades of gray.
  13. What is visual agnosia?
    • Can't recognize complex stimuli?
    • EX: Face
  14. What is perception?
    How we make sense of the world through our five senses.
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