Chem 112

  1. What is molarity?
    Moles of solute per Liter of solution.. M=mol/L
  2. What is molality?
    Moles of solute per Kg of solvent.. m=mol/kg
  3. What is mole fraction?
    Moles of component solving for per total # of moles
  4. What is mole percent?
    Mole fraction X 100
  5. What is mass (or volume) fraction?
    Mass of solute per total mass of solution
  6. What is mass (weight) percent or percent by weight?
    Mass fraction X 100
  7. What is volume percent or percent by volume?
    Volume fraction X 100
  8. What us ppm (parts per million)?
    Mass fraction X 10^6
  9. What is ppb (parts per billion)?
    Mass fraction X 10^9
  10. What does temperature cause change in?
  11. What concentration is temperature dependent?
  12. What do u assume is the solvent if it's not stated in the problem?
  13. If you are given weight% (mass percent), what sample size will be chosen?
    100g of solution
  14. If you are given Molarity, what do u assume?
    1 Liter (1000 mL)
  15. If you are given Molality, what do u assume?
    1 Kg (1000g)
  16. In problems that are given Molarity & Liters are assumed, the Molarity equals ________ of the solute.
    The moles
  17. To get from grams -> kg, what do u do?
    Move the decimal 3 places to the left
  18. To get from mL -> L, what do u do?
    Move the decimal 3 places to the left
  19. Density = ______/_______
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