Labor Relations Test 1

  1. National Labor Union
    allowed membership for skilled and unskilled workers alike
  2. Molly Maguires
    Mine strike resulted in murders, assaults, robberies and acts of arsons, 24 members were brought to trial
  3. Railway Strike 1877
    10 % wage cut from numerous eastern railway, lasted 20 days, 100 worker killed, first time federal troops were called out suppress it
  4. Haymarket Riot
    took place in Chicago 1886, demanded 8 hrs day, resulted in 4 striker death
  5. Knights of Labor
    formed in 1869, begun by trade unionist, membership was secret, limit its own growth
  6. Homestead Pennsylvania 1892
    Carnegie Steel Complany Plant, Henry Clay Frick locked workers out when they refused the wage cuts proposed at the bargaining table and then brought in the armed Pikerton Agency guards., resulted with 3 guards killed, 7 worker
  7. Pullman Strike 1894
    American Railway Union, formed 1893 by Eugene V. Debs, Strike was speaceful and organized under Debs leadership, Railowner broke the strike by adding mail cart to train, which got the federal involved
  8. American Federation of Labor (AFL)
    Formed in 1886, under leadership of Samuel Gompers, sole policy was to improve position of skilled labor
  9. Coeur d'Alene incident
    WFM (Western Federation of Miners) wanted to represent non union members from Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining. Denied, respond by dynamiting mines, miners rounded up in Bull Pen (barracks surrounded by barbed wire)
  10. Wobbies ( Industerial Workers of the World)
    organized industrial workers in a Lawrence, Mass, textile mill and led a long and bitter strike there in 1912
  11. Women's Trade Union League (WTUL)
    formed 1903, woman leaders believed AFL did not intend to fuly involve women within it's ranks
  12. Ludlow, Colorado, Massacre 1914
    miner went on strike, coal operators evicted them and their families from company-owned houses. Miners evicted tent colony on public property, were attacked by coal operators, Colorado militia, and hired thugs. 20 killed (men, women, childerns)
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