Static Electricity

  1. What kind of charge can particles have?
    Image Upload 1Positive (+),

    Image Upload 2Negative (-), or

    Image Upload 3No charge at all (neutral).
  2. What is charge?
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    • A measure of the extra positive or negative particles that an object has.
  3. What is static electricity?
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    • The charge that stays on an object. Static means, "not moving."
  4. Which kind of charge (positive or negative) moves to make static electricity?
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    Negative (-)
  5. What is "electric force"?
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    • The push or pull between objects.

    The electric force causes two objects with opposite charges to attract (or pull) each other.

    The electric force also causes towo objects with like charges to repel (or push away) each other.
  6. What is an electric field?
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    • The space where electric forces occur around an object.

    The electric field of a positive charge attracts a nearby negative charge. The electric field of a positive charge repels a nearby positive charge.
  7. This is a summary of "Static Electricity"...
    Objects become electrically charged when they gain or lose negative charges...

    Image Upload 9.Image Upload 10

    --->A charge causes an electric field around an object.

    Image Upload 11

    --->The electric fields of charged objects interact to produce electric forces.

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    Electric forces:

    Objects with unlike charges attract each other.

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    • Objects with like charges repel each other.
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