Mounce BBG Noun Rules

  1. Rule #1
    Stems ending in α or η are in the 1st declension, stems ending in ο are in the 2nd, and consonantal stems are in the 3rd.
  2. Rule #2
    Every neuter word has the same form in the nominative and accusative.
  3. Rule #3
    Almost all neuter words end in α in the nominative and accusative plural.
  4. Rule #4
    In the dative singular, the iota subscripts if possible.
  5. Rule #5
    Vowels often change their length (ablaut).
  6. Rule #6
    In the genitive and dative, the masculine and neuter will always be identical.
  7. Rule #7
    • Square of Stops:
    • Labial - π β φ
    • Velar - κ γ χ
    • Dental - τ δ θ
  8. Rule #8
    A tau (τ) cannot stand at the end of a word and will drop off.
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Mounce BBG Noun Rules
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