Med Term Prefixes, roots and suffixes

  1. oste/o
    root, bone
  2. plasm
    suffix, growth
  3. arthr
    root, joint
  4. neo
    prefix, new
  5. gastr/o
    root, stomach
  6. itis
    suffix, inflammation
  7. cardi
    root, heart
  8. logy
    suffix, the study of
  9. lith
    suffix, stone
  10. chol
    root, gall
  11. form
    suffix, shape
  12. dent
    root, tooth
  13. ceph
    root, head
  14. algia
    suffix, pain
  15. hepat
    root, liver
  16. aden
    root, gland
  17. cardi
    root, heart
  18. adip
    root, fat
  19. lip
    root, fat
  20. steat
    root, fat
  21. cephal
    root, head
  22. cyt
    root, cell
  23. hist, histi
    root, tissue
  24. path
    root, disease
  25. viscer
    root, internal organs
  26. arthr
    root, joint
  27. crani
    root, skull
  28. myel
    root, bone marrow( in skeletal system also means spinal cord)
  29. pelv, pelvi
    root, pelvis
  30. spin
    root, spine (vertebral column; backbone)
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Med Term Prefixes, roots and suffixes
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