Unit 4 Vocabulary

  1. annul v.
    to reduce to nothing; to make ineffective or inoperative; to declare legally invalid or void
  2. blase' adj
    indifferent, bored as a result of having enjoyed many pleasures; apathetic
  3. boister v.
    to support, give a boost to; n. a long pillow or cushion; a supporting post
  4. deplore v
    to feel or express regret or disapproval
  5. frivolous adj
    of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
  6. muster v
    to bring together for service or battle; to gather or summon; to amount to, comprise, include; n. a list of men for military service; a gathering, acumulation
  7. nonentity n
    a person or thing of no importance
  8. obsess v
    to trouble, haunt, or fill the mind
  9. ornate adj
    elaborately decorated; slowly splendid
  10. oust v
    to remove, drive out of a position or place
  11. peruse v
    to read thorougly and carefully
  12. porous adj
    full of tiny holes; able to be penetrated by air or water
  13. promontory n
    a high point of land extending into water
  14. prone adj
    lying face down; inclined, likely
  15. qualm n
    a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a feeling of faintness or nausea
  16. recourse n
    a person or thing turned to for help or advice; the act of seeking help or protection
  17. residue n
    a remainder, that which remains when a part has been used up or removed
  18. solicitious adj.
    showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
  19. solicitous adj
    showing concern or care; fearful or anxious about someone or something
  20. staid adj
    serious and dignified; quiet or subdued in character or conduct
  21. sustain v
    to support, nourish, keep up; to suffer, undergo; to bear up under, withstand; to affirm the validity of
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