Week 4 Vocab

  1. remorseless
    (adj) without guilt or compassion; merciless; cruel
  2. contentious
    (adj) always ready to quarrel or fight
  3. vile
    (adj) evil, wicked, sinful
  4. imperceptible
    (adj) so slight, gradual or subtle as not to be easily perceived
  5. differentially
    (adv) doing something in such a way as to be markedly different from what was done before
  6. effrontery
    (n) unashamed boldness
  7. probity
    (n) uprightness in one's dealings, integrity, trustworthiness
  8. placidly
    (adv) calmly, quietly, undisturbed
  9. guile
    (n) slyness and cunning in dealing with others, craftiness
  10. augur
    (n) a fortune teller, a prophet
  11. incredulously
    (adv) showing doubt or disbelief
  12. befouled
    (v) to make filthy or dirty, stained
  13. gaunt
    (adj) thin and bony,emaciated
  14. conciliatory
    (adj) to win over or to make friendly
  15. adamant
    (adj) unbreakable, unflexible not willing to give in
  16. belie
    (v) to show to be untrue, to prove false
  17. prevail
    (v) to be victorious or triumphant over something or someone
  18. sibilance
    (n) a hissing sound
  19. evading
    (v) to be deceitful or clever in avoiding or escaping something
  20. fornication
    (n) adultery
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Week 4 Vocab
Week 4 Vocab