Science Vocab

  1. Nucleus
    Contains DNA which directs all of the cells activities including reproduction.
  2. Ribosomes
    Small organelles which produce proteins.
  3. Mitochondrian
    Organelles which produce the cells energy
  4. Cytoplasm
    The jelly-like substance which fills the cell.
  5. Vacuole
    A storage sac which contains water, food, and waste materials. A plant cell has 1 large one and an animal cell has several small ones.
  6. Golgi Body
    Organelle which packages and carries proteins throughout the cell.
  7. Cell Wall
    a rigid wall which gives plant cells their rectangular shapes.
  8. Cell Membrane
    Protective covering for a cell which controls what goes in and out of the cell.
  9. Chloroplast
    Container in plant cells which holds chlorophyll.
  10. Chlorophyll
    Green pigment in plant cells which makes glucose by undergoing photosynthesis.
  11. Lysosomes
    Organelles in animal cells which uses chemicals that break down food and worn-out cell parts.
  12. Organelle
    A tiny cell structure which carries out a specific function in the cell.
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