1. Abrasion
    progressive loss of tooth structure by mechanical wear other than mastication for example habits of brushing
  2. Abscess
    a localized collection of pus in cavity formed by the disintegration of tissues
  3. Acidogenic
    acid forming or producing
  4. Acuted
    having rapid onset, short, severe course and pronounced symptoms
  5. Alveolar
    pertaining to a dental alveolus or to the bony processes of th maxillae or mandible that contain the teeth
  6. Amalgam
    an alloy of two or more metals, one of which is mercury
  7. Anesthesia
    • loss of feeling or sensation
    • general
  8. Atrophy
    a defect or failure of nutrition manifested as a wasting or gradual reduction in the size of a cell, tissue or organ
  9. Attrition
    gradual, physiological earing away of the tooth structure resulting from chewing
  10. Bruxism
    grinding of the teeth in other than chewing movements
  11. buccal
    prertaining to or adjacent to the cheek
  12. calcification
    th process by which organic tissue becomes hardened by a deposit of calcium phosphate or other elements
  13. Carbohydrate
    Organic compond of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
  14. caries
    a disease of the calcified structures of the teeth
  15. cariogenic
    caries producing, conducive to caries
  16. Cementoenamel Junction
    the junction of the enamel of the crown and cementum of the root of the tooth
  17. Cementum
    calcified connective tissue that covers the anatomic root of the tooth
  18. chronic
    long continues
  19. Crown
    Anatomic crown, the portion of the tooth covered by enamel
  20. Cuspid
    (canine) one of the four pointed teeth in man
  21. Decalcification
    process by which calcium salts and other inorganic substances are removed
  22. Dentin
    forms the body of a tooth
  23. Dentition
    • the kind, size and arrangement of the teeth
    • Primary- baby teeth
    • Mixed- baby and adult
    • Permanent- adult
  24. Denture, complete
    an appliance which restores all of the natural teeth
  25. Denture, fixed partial (bridge)
    a structure which restores one or more but fewer than all the natural teeth in a dental arch
  26. Denture, removable partial
    an appliance which restores one or more but fewer than all the teeth and can be removed
  27. Diasema
    a space or cleft, space between teeth
  28. Distal
    away from the median sagittal plane of the face
  29. Edema
    colletion of abnormally large amount of fluid in the intercellular spaces, causing swelling
  30. Edentulous
    without teeth
  31. Enamel
    outermost layer of covering of the coronal portion of the tooth
  32. endodontics
    diseases of the dental pulp
  33. Enzyme
    organic compuond, which can accelerate or produce by catalytic action somce change in a substance
  34. Erosion
    progressive loss of tooth structure by a chemical process without the aid of bacteria
  35. Eruption
    the act of breaking out, appearing or becoming visible
  36. Ethics
    science of righ conduct, a system of rules or principals governing the conduct of a professional group
  37. etiology
    science or study of the cause of disease
  38. Fermentable
    term applied to a substance which is capable of undergoing chemical change as a result of the influence of an enzyme
  39. Fibrosis
    the formation of fibrous connective tissue
  40. Fistula
    a narrow passage or duct leading from one cavity to another
  41. Fluoridate
    to add a fluoride to a water supply
  42. Gingiva
    the mucous membrane that covers the alveolar processes of the jaw and surrounds the necks of the teeth
  43. Halitosis
    offensive or bad breath
  44. Hyperkeratosis
    excessive formation of keratin on the superficial layers of the epithelium
  45. Hyperplasia
    increase in size of a tissue or organ caused by the increase in number of cells in normal arrangement
  46. Hypertrophy
    increase in size of tissue or organ caused by the increase in size of its cells
  47. Incisal
    relating to the cutting edge of the anterior teeth
  48. Inflammation
    reaction of living tissue to trauma
  49. Inlay
    restoration of metal, fired, porcelain, made o fit a taperd cavity prep
  50. Keratiization
    process of formation of a horny protective layer on the surface of stratified squamous of certain body surfaces
  51. Labial
    of or pertaining to a lip
  52. Lingual
    next to or toward the tongue
  53. Malignant
    as applied to tumors rapidly growing
  54. Mandible
    the lower jaw
  55. Mastication
    series of highly coordinated functions involving the teeth, tongue, muscle of masticatin...for the prep of swallowing and digestion of food
  56. Maxilla
    the irregularly saped bone forming one-half of the upper jaw, upper jaw
  57. Mesial
    situated in the middle, toward the middle line of the body
  58. Molar
    one of the tweleve teeth in man
  59. Mucin
    secretion of the mucous or goblet cell
  60. Necrosis
    cell or tissue death within the living body
  61. Occlusal
    pertaining to the masticating surfaces of the posterior teeth
  62. Occlusion
    act of closure or state of being closed
  63. Oral surgert
    dental specialty encompassing all the surgical diseases, of mouth
  64. Orthodontics
    clinical science that has for its objective the prevention and correction of dental and oral abnormalies
  65. Pedodontics
    branch of dentistry that works with kids
  66. Periodontium
    tissues which surround,support,and are attached to the teeth
  67. Periodontology
    clinical science that deals with the periodontium in health an disease
  68. Pocket
    a gingival sulcus pathologically deepened by periodontal disease
  69. Pontic
    suspended member of a fixed partial denture
  70. Premolar
    (bicuspid) one of the eight teeth in man
  71. Prophylaxis
    prevention of disease of the mouth and teeth
  72. Prosthodontics
    branch of dentistry concerned with the replacement of missing teeth
  73. Pulp
    highly vascular connective tissue contained within the pulp chambers and root canals of a tooth
  74. Radiograph
    the shadow image or radiopaque anatomic structures recorded unpon film senitized to roentgen rays
  75. Resorption
    removal of bone or tooth structure by osteoclasts effected by pressure
  76. Root
    part of the human tooth covered by cementum
  77. Space Maintainer
    fixd or removable appliance used to replace missing primary teeth to prevent drifting
  78. Systemic
    pertaining to or affecting the whole body
  79. Virulent
    capable of causing infection or disase
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