Amsco 1.2

  1. acertar (ie)
    to hit the mark, to guess right
  2. apretar (ie)
    to tighten, to squeeze, to be tight
  3. atravesar (ie)
    to cross
  4. cerrar (ie)
    to close
  5. comenzar (ie)
    to begin, to commence
  6. confesar (ie)
    to confess
  7. despertarse (ie)
    to awake
  8. empezar (ie)
    to begin
  9. encerrar (ie)
    to enclose, to lock up
  10. gobernar (ie)
    to govern
  11. helar (ie)
    to freeze
  12. nevar (ie)
    to snow
  13. quebrar (ie)
    to break
  14. remendar (ie)
    to patch, to mend
  15. sentarse (ie)
    to sit down
  16. ascender (ie)
    to ascend
  17. defender (ie)
    to defend
  18. encender (ie)
    to light, to ignite
  19. entender (ie)
    to understand
  20. perder (ie)
    to lose
  21. querer (ie)
    to wish, to love, to want
  22. acordarse (de)
    to remember
  23. acostarse (ue)
    to go to bed
  24. almorzar (ue)
    to eat lunch
  25. contar (ue)
    to count, to relate
  26. costar (ue)
    to cost
  27. encontrar (ue)
    to find, to meet
  28. jugar (ue)
    to play
  29. recordar (ue)
    to remember
  30. renovar (ue)
    to remodel, to renew
  31. tronar (ue)
    to thunder
  32. volar (ue)
    to fly
  33. pensar (ie)
    to think
  34. descender (ie)
    to descend
  35. mostrar (ue)
    to show
  36. volver (ue)
    to return
  37. conmover (ue)
    to move (emotionally)
  38. devolver (ue)
    to return, to give back
  39. doler (ue)
    to pain, to ache
  40. llover (ue)
    to rain
  41. mover (ue)
    to move
  42. oler (o to hue)
    to smell
  43. poder (ue)
    to be able
  44. resolver (ue)
    to solve, to resolve
  45. soler (ue)
    to be in the habit of
  46. consentir (ie)
    to consent
  47. adquirir (ie)
    to acquire
  48. advertir (ie)
    to warn
  49. convertir (ie)
    to convert
  50. divertirse (ie)
    to enjoy oneself, to have a good time
  51. hervir (ie)
    to boil
  52. mentir (ie)
    to lie
  53. preferir (ie)
    to prefer
  54. referir (ie)
    to narrate, to refer
  55. sentir (ie)
    to regret, to feel sorry
  56. sentirse (ie)
    to feel (well, ill)
  57. despedirse (de) (i)
    to take leave (of); to say goodbye (to)
  58. gemir (i)
    to groan, to maon
  59. impedir (i)
    to prevent
  60. medir (i)
    to measure
  61. reírse (í)
    to laugh
  62. reñir (i)
    to quarrel, to scold
  63. repetir (i)
    to repeat
  64. servir (i)
    to serve
  65. sonreír (í)
    to smile
  66. vestirse (i)
    to dress (oneself)
  67. huir (y)
    to flee
  68. concluir (y)
    to conclude, to end
  69. construir (y)
    to construct
  70. contribuir (y)
    to contribute
  71. destruir (y)
    to destroy
  72. distribuir (y)
    to distribute
  73. incluir (y)
    to include
  74. influir (y)
    to influence, to have influence
  75. sustituir (y)
    to substitute
  76. enviar (íú)
    to send
  77. continuar (íú)
    to continue
  78. confiar (en) (íú)
    to rely on, to confide in
  79. espiar (íú)
    to spy
  80. fiarse(de) (íú)
    to trust
  81. guiar (íú)
    to guide, to drive
  82. resfriarse (íú)
    to catch cold
  83. variar (íú)
    to vary
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