1. heparin effectiveness measurement
    aPTT 60-80 sec
  2. Denervation of heart
    heart xplant pts may no longer feel CP
  3. AE of ACEIs that indicates stopping rx
    persistent cough
  4. intervention for supraventricular tachycardia in pt whose HR is 200+
    vagal stimulation- may help get pt's heart rate back to normal
  5. post pacemaker implantation- what is an AE to be aware of
    pt can't stop hiccuping- pacemaker may be stimulating chest wall or diaphragm
  6. difference btwn arterial ulcer & venous stasis ulcer
    arterial ulcers have claudication
  7. therapeutic level for aPTT
  8. CI for thrombolytic therapy
    surgery w/in the last 10 days
  9. priority assessment for abd aortic aneurysm resection
    urine outout b/c greatest risk is graft occlusion or dissection
  10. pulsus paradoxus
  11. normal levels of cholesterol
  12. hypertensive crisis
  13. anemia
    excessive blood loss
    • hgb 12
    • hgb 6-10
  14. warfarin therapeutic levels
    • PT: 18-24 sec or 1.5-2 times control
    • INR: 2-3 (most accurate)
  15. post-op complications
    immobility, dm, anemia, hypovolemia, old age, resp disease, immune disorder, coagulation, malnutrition, obesity
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