Phrasal Verbs-Turn

  1. Turn away
    The theater was full. Many of the people waiting outside were turned away.
    refuse admission
  2. Turn back
    The street was impassable, so we had to turn back.
    reverse direction
  3. Turn down
    I was turned down for the army on health grounds.
    refuse, reject
  4. Turn down
    She turned the radio down before answering the phone.
    reduce, lower
  5. Turn into
    It's not difficult to turn a wine bottle into a lamp. The frog turned into a prince when kissed.
    become, change
  6. Turn inside out
    He couldn't find his keys, so he turned his pockets inside out.
  7. Turn off
    Turn off the lights before you go to bed.
    switch off
  8. Turn off
    To reach Boston, you should turn off at the next exit.
    leave (highway)
  9. Turn on
    She got a cup of coffee and then turned on the television
    switch on
  10. Turn out
    Turn out the lights. We're going to bed now.
    put out, extinguish
  11. Turn out
    The factory turned out 200 cars a day.
  12. Turn out
    The people were turned out of their houses to make way for a new highway.
  13. Turn out
    He turned out his pockets to find some change.
  14. Turn out
    I had my doubts, but everything turned out right in the end.
  15. Turn over
    The car plunged down the cliff and turned over at the bottom.
    reverse position
  16. Turn over
    He wasn't sure about the outcome, so he turned the problem over in his mind.
  17. Turn up
    His jeans were too long, so his mother turned the bottoms up.
  18. Turn up
    She turned up late as usual, just as I was going home.
    arrive, appear
  19. Turn up
    I never worry as something always turns up.
    happen, occur
  20. Turn upside down
    She turned the house upside down looking for her purse.
    cause confusion
  21. Turn upside down
    When she found her purse, she turned it upside down to find her keys.
    reverse position
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