They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 2

  1. CHAD. Yeah. So, I'm guessin' I'm the big winner tonight, huh? So ... I get to pick tomorrow, and I pick bowiln'. We'll go bowlin', supper at the Snowmobile Club ... coupla beers at The Moose Paddy ... and just hang out.
    • RANDY. I didn't say you're the big winner,
    • >CHAD. What?<
    • did I say you're the big winner?
  2. CHAD. No --
    RANDY. No. All that's pretty sad, Chad, and bad, but you didn't win.
  3. CHAD. What do you mean?
    RANDY. You didn't win.
  4. CHAD. You can beat bein' told you smelled bad?
    RANDY. Yeah.
  5. CHAD. Well, then ...
    RANDY. Mine's face broke.
  6. CHAD. What?
    RANDY. Her face broke.
  7. CHAD. Her --?
    RANDY. Only get one chance with a girl like Yvonne LaFrance, and her face brok. Told you it was bad.
  8. CHAD. How did her face break?
    RANDY. When we were dancin'.
  9. CHAD. Dancin'?
    RANDY. Yup.
  10. CHAD. Why were you dancin'?
    RANDY. 'Cause that's what she wanted to do. On our date. So I took her. Took her dancin' down to the rec center. You pay, then you get a lesson, then you dance all night. THey teach "together dancing," how to dance together, and we learned that thing where you throw the girl up and over, and, Yvonne -- well, she's pretty small ... and I'm pretty strong. And I threw her up and over, and well ... I threw her ... over ... over. And she landed on her face. And it broke. Had to take her to the emergency room.
  11. CHAD. That's a drive.
    RANDY. Thirty-eight miles.
  12. CHAD. Yup.
    RANDY. And she cried.
  13. CHAD. Hate that.
    RANDY. Whole way. Then had me call her old boyfriend to come get her.
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They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 2
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