Phrasal Verbs-Take

  1. Take aback
    When the chief surgeon suddenly announced he was going to leave, we were all taken aback
  2. Take after
    I take after my mother. She was small with blond hair and had a terrible memory too.
  3. Take away
    This cabinet's locked and the key is missing. Who's taken it away?
  4. Take back
    Take those plates back to Mrs. White; I borrowed them yesterday.
  5. Take back
    I admit I was wrong. I take back everything I said.
  6. Take down
    The policeman took down my statement about the accident.
  7. Take for
    What do you take me for, a fool?
    mistake for
  8. Take in
    He was very plausible. I was completely taken in by his lies.
  9. Take in
    Her dress was too wide in the waist so she took it in.
    make smaller
  10. Take in
    The nurse wasn't listening very attentively and suddenly realized she hadn't taken in what the doctor said.
    understand, absorb
  11. Take off
    Take off your coat and make yourself comfortable.
  12. Take off
    The plane took off at ten o'clock
    leave the ground
  13. Take on
    He became very depressed as he had taken on more than he could manage
    undertake (work, responsiblility)
  14. Take on
    If you want the hospital finished next month, you will have to take on some more builders.
    engage, employ
  15. Take out
    I've got terrible toothache, I'll have to go to the dentist and have my tooth taken out.
    remove, extract
  16. Take out
    He takes a different girl out every night
  17. Take over
    When his father died, he took over the family business.
    assume control of
  18. Take to
    She seemed a very nice woman. I took to her at once. He was very self-indulgent and took to drink.
    like (sometimes too much)
  19. Take up
    The medical student decided to take up surgery.
    begin (a hobby, a profession)
  20. Take up
    This skirt is too long. I must take it up
  21. Take up
    Most of a doctor's time is taken up talking to patients.
  22. Take up
    I'm going to take the matter up with the surgeon- I'm not satisfied.
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