They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 1.txt

  1. CHAD. I believe you, I'm just sayin' --
    RANDY. It was bad, Chad. Bad.
  2. CHAD. I hear ya, b//ut --
    • RANDY. But you're not listenin', Chad: it was bad!
    • >CHAD. No you're not listenin', 'cause><
    • Real bad ...
  3. CHAD. I'm tryin' to tell you that I had a pretty bad time myself!!!
    RANDY. No. There's no way!--
  4. CHAD. It was pretty bad, Randy.
    RANDY. Really.
  5. CHAD. Yeah.
    RANDY. Okay ... go.
  6. CHAD. She -- ... said she didn't like the way I smelled.
    RANDY. What?
  7. CHAD. Sally told me she didn't like the way I smelled. Never has.
    RANDY. Sally Dunleavy told you that she didn't // like the way -- ...?
  8. CHAD. Yeah.
    RANDY. When?
  9. CHAD. When I picked her up. She got in the truck -- we were backin' outta her driveway -- and all of a sudden, she starts breathin' hard and asked me to stop and she got outta the truck and said she was sorry, but she couldn't go out with me because she didn't like the way I smelled, never had!
    RANDY. What?
  10. CHAD. Said she thought she was gonna be able to overlook it, the way that I smelled, but that that wasn't gonna be possible after all, and she slammed the door on me and left me sittin' right there in her driveway.
    RANDY. 'cause she didn't like that way you smelled?
  11. CHAD. Yeah.
    RANDY. Well what kinda --...? I don't mind the way you smell.
  12. CHAD. Thanks.
    RANDY. Jeez.
  13. CHAD. Yeah ... Told you it was bad.
    RANDY. More than bad, Chad. That's sad.
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They Fell Almost Maine Randy Pt 1.txt
Lines for Randy in the scene They Fell from Almost, Maine. Part 1.