Phrasal Verbs-Put

  1. Put across/over
    He put the point across very well and everybody agreed with him.
    explain successfully
  2. Put away
    It's time for dinner, so put your things away until later.
    tidy up
  3. Put back
    He put the pills back in the bottle after he had counted them.
  4. Put by
    She has some money put by for when she gets married
  5. Put down
    The rebellion was put down by the Army.
  6. Put down
    He put down everything I said
  7. Put forward
    He put forward a very controversial idea which had little chance of beign accepted.
  8. Put in
    He put in a claim for overtime. She put in an application for a job as a nurse.
    submit(a claim, an application)
  9. Put in
    Interns often put in sixteen hours work a day
  10. Put in
    She put in an appearance at the party, but didn't stay.
    appear, visit
  11. Put off
    The meeting has been put off until next week
  12. Put off
    She's always trying to put me off doing what I want to do.
  13. Put off
    Put off the light when you leave the room
    switch off
  14. Put on
    I take off my clothes when I go to bed and put them on when I get up
  15. Put on
    Put the light on. I can't see.
    switch on
  16. Put on
    She's very much fatter. I wonder how much weiht she's put on
  17. Put out
    If they had put the light out, there wouldn't have been a fire which needed putting out.
    switch off, extinguish
  18. Put out
    The students were very put out when the demonstration was canceled.
    be annoyed
  19. Put out
    That man put his shoulder out playing football
  20. Put through
    The telephone operator put me through almost immediately
  21. Put up
    Many farmers have put their prices up since the bad weather damaged their crops.
  22. Put up
    A temporary structure was put up for the exhibition
  23. Put up
    Don't worry about getting home after the party. I can put you up.
    provide a bed
  24. Put up
    The old man couldn't live, but he put up a good fight.
    try, perform
  25. Put up with
    The hospital was near a main street so the patients had to put up with a lot of noise
    bear, tolerate
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